NAIT to Launch National Clean Fuels Education and Awareness Program – Morinville News

by Morinville Online Staff

NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) is launching what it says is a groundbreaking national clean fuels online awareness and education program, made possible by a $300,000 contribution from Natural Resources Canada. The program aims to promote understanding and adoption of clean fuels and technologies across academia, industry, government and the general public.

The grant will support the development of a self-paced online training module and a series of webinars that will raise awareness about clean fuels. These resources will provide stakeholders with vital knowledge and insights into the benefits and impacts of clean fuels, fostering consumer confidence and encouraging industrial adoption. Additionally, the tools will be accessible to the public, enabling individuals to engage with clean fuel concepts.

Dr. Agatha Ojimelukwe, portfolio manager of NAIT’s Continuing Education Energy and Environment Operations, emphasized the project’s importance, stating, “This program will create awareness of the carbon footprint of various clean fuels and facilitate consumer confidence in technologies for clean fuel production that has the maximum impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

NAIT’s involvement in circular economy and clean technologies applied research forms the foundation for this education and awareness program.

Dr. Mike Chae, Business Development Lead of NAIT’s Circular & Clean Technologies Operations, highlighted the organization’s commitment to cleaner technologies, stating, “Our investment in cleaner technologies is embedded in our applied research practices. Now, we will use our research findings to generate public awareness of how all Canadians can adopt clean fuels.”

The program will feature a series of three webinars, starting in September 2023. The first webinar will focus on understanding the variables that impact the carbon intensity of fuels. Subsequent webinars, to be released in December 2023 and March 2024, will delve into greenhouse gas calculations and present real-world clean fuel case studies for training purposes.

In addition to the webinars, NAIT will develop an online training module to equip learners with practical skills in greenhouse gas calculations, emissions measurement, and life-cycle assessment. The module is expected to launch in the winter of 2024, expanding the program’s impact.

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